About Us

In Lab vs. Onsite Testing

We conduct a great deal of our testing efforts at our Dolan Technology Center Laboratory including our Walnut Test Site.  We can also perform testing at your location with our mobile high voltage sources and other field testing devices including SFRA, EMI, Audible Noise, Corona Inception and Extinction, Partial Discharge and more.

Test Planning

We will develop a customized test plan for you based on your individual needs or based on existing standards.  We will utilize the customer’s specification for the device under test to develop a series of tests that will confirm the specifications including testing to failure as applicable.

Reporting Test Results

At the end of the testing efforts, we will provide a detailed report of the testing efforts provided and the results obtained.  Draft reports are provided to our customers to allow initial review before final reports are provided.

Test Condition Simulation

Through the use of our various laboratories and simulation capabilities including environmental, high current, high voltage and mechanical systems, we are able to simulate a varied array of environments in which the device under test will be subjected in real world conditions.  It is important to provide these simulated environments to insure that the device will operate correctly when ultimately installed in its intended location.

Did You Know?

We have the vision, capabilities, resources and disciplined processes to integrate technologies that enhance our core businesses and ultimately maintain our long-term viability and profitability.