About Us

At AEP’s Dolan Technology Center, we have long understood that technology advancements are an ongoing and necessary part of our business. To maintain our leadership position, we focus on staying ahead of new and emerging technologies that could significantly impact our business. We have the vision, capabilities, resources and disciplined processes to integrate technologies that enhance our core businesses and ultimately maintain our long-term viability and profitability. Our technology development team continually identifies, monitors, prioritizes, develops and demonstrates those technologies that could profoundly affect what we do.

Strategic Focus

AEP's technology strategy is directly tied to its business strategy that includes three corporate challenges:

  • Successfully addressing environmental challenges to AEP's core coal-based business
  • Growing value of regulated asset business
  • Anticipating technologies that could significantly impact our business

Key areas where we offer services to our internal and external customers include:

Our Testing Facilities