Walnut Station

Facility Benefits

Distributed Energy Test Pad

Utilize AEP's expertise

Standards and custom testing are performed using best practices and protocols developed over the 30-year history of AEP's Technology Campus. Experienced engineers and technicians conduct on-site and off-site evaluations in the areas of power quality, communication, protective relay, digital signal processing, power electronics and testing.

Eliminate in-service failures

Customer can potentially eliminate in-service failures by testing a device on AEP's power system prior to commercialization. Our facilities not only allow for interconnection with the AEP transmission and distribution system to provide live engineering and operations experience for each tested device, but also protect the device if its own protection system fails.

Measure response to abnormal conditions

Conditions evaluated include: voltage and current imbalance; capacitor switching; overvoltages; recloser operation; and voltage sag and swell.

Assess interrupting device capability; fault detection.

Experienced power engineers and technicians equipped with state of the art power diagnostic systems can quickly test and assess the appropriateness of the protection and control systems.

Evaluate power quality and surge withstand capability.

AEP is a leader in developing power quality and surge withstand capability requirements. Staff are qualified to evaluate and define a particular equipment or systems capability for these ever-present transient voltage phenomena.

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