Electrical Disturbance

Electronic devices must be suitably designed and protected to survive harsh electromagnetic and physical environments. We offer a range of conformance testing capabilities based on industry test standards, including:

Our range of EMC testing capabilities includes:

  • IFI SMX25 RF Amplifier
  • IFI APLI-100-6 Log-Periodic Antenna
  • IFI 8761D Isotropic E-Field Probe
  • IFI FPMS-7-7 Probe Monitoring System
  • HP 8648B RF Signal Generator
  • LeCroy LC564 1GHz Digital Oscilloscope
  • Keytek ECAT EMC Test System
  • Haefely PIM 150 Oscillating Wave Test System
  • Keytek CE-40 EFT/Burst Simulator
  • Haefely ONYX Electrostatic Discharge simulator
  • Associated Research 7530DT Dielectric Analyzer
  • Haefely PU12 Impulse Tester
  • Omicron CMC 256, 356 Relay Test Systems
  • Manta MTS-1700 Series Relay Test System
Dielectric Test Evaluates insulation integrity and electrical isolation from safety and performance standpoints.
Corona Inception Tests an electronic device’s ability to withstand electrostatic discharge; used especially with micro-computer based equipment used in substation and power plant applications.
Current Surge Evaluates device’s performance against fast rise-time switching transients; EFT events typically result from inductive switching, arcing, or faults
High Voltage Withstand Evaluates device’s immunity to the 1MHz oscillatory switching transients; SWC disturbances are often produced by switching transients that occur in substation environments as a result of switching
Insulation Resistance Quality Simulates induced lightning surge events that typically occur on low-voltage AC power circuits.