We perform environmental tests over a wide temperature range on test specimens of varying dimensional sizes. The scope of our tests includes:

  • Various environmental chambers with a temperature ranges of -73˚C to +200˚C
  • Humidity control in the range of 20 to 98 percent relative humidity over a temperature range of 20 to 80 degrees Celsius
  • Test standards conformance testing to IEEE C37.90 and more
  • Waterproof-type tests that simulate the range and type of environmental condition; includes Drip Proof, Fine Mist, Spray Proof, Driving Rain, Icing/Freezing Rain, Immersion Testing
  • Combinations of thermal chambers and high voltage supplies are available to perform both thermal and electrical stress testing together.
  • Accelerated aging testing which can incorporate aqueous solutions of salts, dilute acids, or dilute bases. These aging solutions are delivered by a fogging system based on a controlled humidity, timed period, or maintenance of a saturated environment.


  • Webber Environmental Chamber
  • Tenney T10RC Environmental Chamber
  • Tenney 40 Environmental Chamber
  • Tenney BTRC Environmental Chamber

Webber Environmental Chamber

  • -40° C to 100° C Aging Environments,
  • Test Samples can be energized up to 200kV, 1200 cu ft of sample space
  • Dry to Saturated Humidity.

Tenney T10RC Environmental Chamber

  • -73˚ C to 200˚ C
  • 20% to 98% relative humidity
  • 24W x 27D x 28H (10 cubic feet)

Tenney 40 Environmental Chamber

  • -40°C to 100°C
  • 40W x 40D x 40H (37 cubic feet)

Tenney BTRC Environmental Chamber

  • -73˚ C to 200˚ C
  • 20% to 98% relative humidity
  • 20W x 19.25D x 22H (5 cubic feet)

Salt Fog/Acid Rain

Accelerated aging tests incorporating aqueous solutions of salts, dilute acids, or dilute bases delivered by a fogging based system. Controls include humidity, time period, or maintained saturated environment.

Thermal Cycling

  • High- and low-temperature testing, -73˚F to 200˚F
  • Cyclic temperature testing
  • Combined humidity and temperature testing
  • Thermal shock testing
  • Solar heating testing

Combined Thermal & Electrical

Tests involving combinations of thermal chambers and high-voltage sources for thermal and electrical stress testing.