We have years of experience evaluating various AMI networking technologies. We test using two functional AMI Systems from leading vendors. Key areas we evaluate include:

  • Network topology
  • AMI Security
  • Utility metering functionality

Network Topologies

  • Point-to-Point
  • Power Line Carrier
  • RF Mesh

AMI Security Evaluations

AEP has the ability to perform security assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities within AMI Networks, including supporting penetration testing to verify, validate, and confirm that overall security controls are performing as expected.

Operational Metering Capabilities

AEP has the ability to perform detailed functional assessments of two-way communicating smart meters in order to verify proper semantic response under both normal and abnormal conditions. Some examples of these functional assessments include:

  • Remote retrieval of metering data
  • Remote connect/disconnect support
  • Power outage and restoration indication
  • Power quality monitoring (voltage levels, SAGs/Swells, Momentary Interruption Data)
  • Energy theft and tamper detection

AMI Tech Evaluations Powerline