Transform Pad

Using the Transform Pad Test, we determine whether a transformer pad is capabile of withstanding the mechanical load and temperature variations that exist in the field.


  • Temperatures up to 200˚F
  • Typical Weights of 1,600 lbs


The pad is subjected to thermal and mechanical loads over a ten day cycle. Once during each 24 hour period, the chamber is heated from ambient temperature to 150° F and held for two hours. After two hours, the chamber is turned off and the large chamber door is opened to allow the chamber to cool to the ambient temperature. Deflection measurements are then made at the side of the pad in the center and corners. This procedure is repeated for the other nine days. Prior to removing the transformer from the chamber, the transformer door was opened and closed to ensure that it was functioning properly and was not impeded by any potential pad deflection and/or warping.