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60 Hz AC or DC test determines at what voltage an electrical flashover will occur.


We offer test voltages up to 100 kV DC, 200 kV AC indoor or 1.2 MV AC outdoor on, for example, the following equipment:

  • EHV Circuit Breakers
  • Insulation materials including porcelain, polymers, composites, fiberglass, and rubber

Subcomponents Description

Insulated Aerial Lift Testing. Apply test voltage of up to 1.2 MV AC to aerial devices classified up to 765 kV. Standard services include:

  • General electrical inspection of aerial device insulating sections and components of the leakage current monitoring system
  • ANSI A92.2-2009, Section 5.4 standards compliance
  • Chassis resistance measurement – front-to-rear grounding stirrup, turntable-to-grounding stirrup
  • Test report (including photographs)
  • Corona photographs for aerial lifts rated 345 kV and above
  • Record test results for comparison with future tests of same aerial lift

Insulated aerial lift testing does not include mechanical inspection or a hydraulic oil dielectric test.

Insulated Protective Equipment. Electrical testing of insulated protective equipment to insure that the insulating properties are still intact and within the limits set forth by governing standards.

Insulated Blanket Insulated Blanket
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