Our Focus Areas

Coil/Stator Bar Accelerated Electrical Aging and Evaluation Tests

We offer a complete program of coil/bar tests for rotating machinery including voltage endurance, dissection and partial discharge measurements. If you are developing or improving a high voltage insulation system, we can determine the rating of your overall system or evaluate the production quality control

Our rotating machinery tests include:

  • Aging and evaluation tests
  • Voltage endurance tests
  • Dissection
  • Power Factor/Dissipation Factor Measurements

Voltage Endurance

  • Per IEEE 1043-1996, conduct 400- or 250-hour test at voltages up to 50 kV AC, 60 Hz, and temperatures up to 135 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum slot length 5 meters
  • Pretest – physical inspection and tan delta (power factor, tip-up, and capacitance measurements


Dissection of each coil cell or bar can be provided.

Power Factor/Dissipation Factor Measurements.

  • Per IEEE 286
  • Use Lemke Dissipation Factor and Capacitance Measuring System (LDV-5)