Our Focus Areas
Leakage Current Measurement

Microampere measurement of insulating electrical materials. This would include fiberglass booms, live line tools, insulators, insulator blankets and other insulating equipment.


A test voltage of up to 1.2 MV AC can be applied to aerial devices classified up to 765 kV. Standard services include the following:

  • General electrical inspection of aerial device insulating sections and components of the leakage current monitoring system.
  • Electrical tests in accordance with ANSI A92.2-2009 Section 5.4.
  • Chassis resistance measurement from front to rear grounding stirrup and from turntable to grounding stirrup.
  • Test report including set up photographs
  • Corona photographs will be provided for aerial lifts rated 345 kV and above
  • Services will not include mechanical inspection or hydraulic oil dielectric test. AEP will maintain a record of the test results for comparison with future tests of the same aerial lift.